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Terms and Conditions
Upon acceptance of our contract, a 25% deposit is required to begin the design process. After drawings have been approved for production, an additional 25% is due. A production slot is not assigned until the final designs have been completed and the 2nd payment of 25% has been received. This payment schedule works well in cases where the client has no fixed deadline. In the event that the contractor has broken ground or is within two months of doing so, or where there is a fixed deadline that must be met, a production slot may be assigned prior to the design phase with a 50% deposit upon acceptance of our contract. This would allow approved projects to move quickly into production.

When we are contracted to design a typical project, whether a single piece or cabinetry for a whole home, we will do three renderings for each section of the project. At that point, most clients will be able to choose elements of each design, culminating in a fourth and final concept for shop drawings. If a project is changed after the drawings are approved, or if a fifth design is requested, drafting charges will be applied at a rate of $85.00 per man-hour.

Granite, under-cabinet lighting, protective glass tops, removal of existing cabinetry, demolition, or any type of electrical, plumbing and floor modifications are not included in our quotes unless specified in your contract. If mirrors have a frame built around them by Linear Fine Woodworking, then the mirror is included. If a mirror goes directly on the wall and does not have a frame or is not integrated into the cabinetry then it would not be included unless agreed upon in writing. The typical items that are integral to the cabinetry such as glass door inserts, standard cabinet puck lighting, glass shelves, etc. are included unless otherwise specified. For kitchens, we include all standard convenience items, such as utensil and cutlery inserts, trash/recycling pullouts, full extension pullouts behind doors in lower cabinets, etc. We make every effort to specify all items that are included in your estimate, but please feel free to ask if you are uncertain as to whether particular items will be included.

For areas in a home that have more utilitarian cabinets, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchenettes, and any areas that are more box formation and less design, we will do two drawings to culminate in a final third drawing. After that, drafting fees will apply.

On the first pages of your estimate, each area will include a detailed description, and pricing will be based on lineal footage of cabinetry in a middle range veneer, of which there are approximately 200 species. Pricing from the original estimate may change according to final lineal footages and veneer selections that are higher in cost. If a project becomes more complicated than originally discussed, such as more radius work or more compound angles, pricing will change accordingly. Should this occur, you will be given an updated estimate prior to starting construction of the project.

Minor on site alterations will be included in your estimate however more extensive alterations will not be included. Examples of this would be major drywall alterations, electrical, plumbing or floor alterations, etc. We will give you an estimate prior to starting any on site alterations.
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